Our Activities

Our activities are mainly concentrated on equipment ranging from small to medium sized vessels, steel structures and packaged units with weights up to 50 ton and lengths up to 20 meter with vessel diameters and wall thickness limitations of 4.000mm resp. 50mm.

Although specialized in handling of most types of carbon and stainless steels, we also produces equipment and pipe systems in other materials such as: duplex, titanium, hastelloy, inconel, monel, aluminum etc.

Practically all equipment manufactured by K. en W.A. van Rooijen B.V is custom built. An increased amount of equipment is now supplied in the fully dressed condition which maximises quality en minimises site erection time.

Besides the company-based personnel, K. en W.A. van Rooijen B.V. has a mobile group of field workers available for installation and maintenance of equipment at client’s sites.

We are familiar with and work to all required national and international standards and codes including those of RToD, PED, ASME, PD, AIB, Lloyds, DNV, etc.


pipe work


What we make

    • Mechanical equipment and piping systems for chemical and petro-chemical industry


    • Liquid and gas filter equipment for process application and injection equipment for oil and gas industry


  • Mechanical process equipment and installations for water treatment