During all phases of manufacturing, production control will be done by our independent QC department to maintain the quality of our products at acceptable costs. This production control will be performed using "Quality Control Plans" in which all main fabrications and inspection steps are recorded, together with "Witness and Hold" required by client and authorized inspector.

Inspectie Inspectie

Main fabrication and inspection steps:

    • Pre-inspection and -fabrication meeting at manufacturers shop.


    • Checking approved drawings, specifications and qualifications. Process specifications and work instructions are made to ensure conformity of performance and continuity when personnel changes occur.

    • Checking incoming material, purchased as well as client supplied materials to assure conformance to contract requirements.

    • Material identification will be verified at receiving inspection and material transfer markings will be executed wherever necessary to realise trace ability up to final product. Lloyd’s remarkingqualification up to 3.2 materials.


    • Production control during manufacturing, such as - visual inspection, - weld preparation and fit-up, -dimensional control, -material handling etc. All non-conforming material will be reported and repair or rework will be done in accordance with the "corrective action procedure" accepted by the client.

    • Final inspection and testing, e.g. - Non Destructive Examination, leak test / pressure test, paint examination, function test etc.

  • Manufacturers Data Book; All process spec's, instructions, inspection results, records, drawings etc. will be collected and handed over to the client, as well as kept on digital file for a long period.




    • X- ray / Gamma ray - SGS


    • Ultrasonic - SGS


    • Dye-penetrant - SGS


    • Magnetic particle - SGS


    • Leak test - van Rooijen B.V.


    • Hydrolic pressure test - van Rooijen B.V.


  • Function test - v.Rooijen B.V
  • Testing of chemical and physical properties are carried out by external parties.